• There are so many great things to do with your photos once scanned. Upload them to Facebook or Instagram to share with friends. Create a folder in dropbox to share the files with family members who may want to have their own copies of the files. Make a slideshow, create a photobook, print the photos on t-shirts or any other product. Endless possibilities.

  • Currently, the service is only available in Australia.

  • Yes. We use a courier service to deliver your precious prints safely and quickly from you directly to us. The foam cushioning in the box helps protect your prints in transit. Once we have them, care is taken to handle prints with special cotton gloves, designed to prevent any residue being left on the photo surface during scanning. We also recommend keeping your negatives stored somewhere safely at home when you send us your photos.

  • We specialise in scanning prints and don't currently offer slide or transparency scanning.

  • We scan your prints at a resolution of 600DPI (dots per inch). A scan of a typical print photograph results in a jpg file with a size of around 2mb. The dimensions of a typical scan (in landscape orientation) are 3497 pixels in width by 2185 pixels in height

  • We scan photos of any size up to a maximum of A4. A4 measures 210 × 297 millimeters or 8.27 × 11.69 inches

  • This means that we can back up your scanned photos to the internet so that you have digital files securely and privately available via your web browser. We do this using Dropbox - it's is a free service that lets you back up your photos, docs, and other files online, access them from anywhere and share them easily. If you don't already have a Dropbox account, don't worry - we will send you a link to create a free account when your photos are available online.

    Learn more about how Dropbox works by taking the tour or watching this video

  • We use the latest Kodak picture scanning technology, imported specifically for this purpose. Photos are scanned at 600 DPI into the jpeg format, providing high resolution images suitable for printing enlargements and viewing on high definition screens.

  • Yes, you'll have your prints back in just a few days when thay've been scanned. They will be returned to you via express courier along with the USB thumb drive containing the scanned images and the website address for your online backups.

  • We don't use couriers. We only use Auspost's Express Courier satchels which are tracked door to door and their status can be viewed online, 24/7.

  • Auspost Courier Satchels sent via express post are a flat rate $50 return for overnight delivery or $36 return for regular delivery (2-4 days)

  • Our Standard sized product allows you to send 500 standard-sized photos and our Jumbo sized product is for up to 1000 photos. The foam inserts within the box protect those prints and help prevent the weight of the box exceeding 5kg, which would attract higher delivery costs.

  • If you find when packing the box that the number of photos you have exceeds the Standard or Family collection limits, you will be charged a pro-rated amount of 30c per additional photo for the extra scanning effort required.

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